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Stredder Construction is proud to be the go-to and 5-star-rated demolition contractor in Liverpool. We also provide demolition services throughout Merseyside and across the North West.

Whether you’re seeking demolition for a commercial, residential, or industrial premises, we are here to help and provide an efficient and comprehensive service.

Our key demolition services include:

•Building Demolition
•Interior Demolition
•Enabling Works

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Building Demolition

Regardless of the size or complexity, Stredder Construction provides efficient and comprehensive building demolition in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. Using advanced techniques and machinery, we can ensure the safe demolition of structures.

Building demolition is a complex process that requires careful planning, expertise, and coordination to safely and effectively remove structures while minimising risks and environmental impact.

Key steps for building demolition include:

• Pre-demolition planning
• Structural evaluation
• Site preparation
• Demolition execution
• Waste management and recycling

Interior Demolition

Stredder Construction also specialises in delivering thorough and precise interior demolition solutions, tailored to elevate spaces with utmost efficiency. Whether your goal is to revamp, renovate, or reimagine a space, our dedicated team is equipped to meet your needs with precision and expertise.

Interior demolition is a specialist process aimed at selectively dismantling specific components within a building to prepare it for a new purpose or upgrade. Unlike conventional demolition methods that involve the complete teardown of structures, our approach hones in on interior spaces, targeting individual rooms, floors, or sections for transformation.

Our interior demolition services include:

• Selective demolition
• Fixtures and fitting removals
• Flooring and ceiling treatment
• Wall demolition and partial removal

Enabling Works

Stredder Construction also provides essential preparatory services to ready sites or premises for new construction or redevelopment. Enabling services plays an integral part in ensuring a seamless transition to the next phase of development. For example, enabling services can include site clearance, establishing clear access routes, and excavation.

Demolition Services – Key Steps & Process

Initial Assessment: The first stage of the process is to conduct an initial assessment of the size and complexity of demolition that’s required. Here, Stredder Construction assesses any potential hazards, environmental concerns, and the project in its entirety.

Project Planning: Once we understand more about the project at hand, we proceed to detailed project planning. Project planning for demolition involves outlining the full scope of work, selecting relevant demolition methods and techniques, and ensuring safety protocols are stringently in place.

Site Preparation: This is the step before the actual structural demolition begins. Here, we clear the site of debris or obstacles that could get in the way or be damaged during demolition. Further preparation includes erecting safety barriers, and signage, and securing the site to protect workers and the public.

Structural Demolition: Whether it’s selective, interior, or comprehensive demolition, we will now prepare for structural demolition. Using industry-leading machinery and equipment, we proceed with the requested demolition work at your property or premises.

Waste Management & Recycling: Upon completion of structural demolition, we take full responsibility for waste management and recycling. Stredder Construction will segregate removed during demolition for recycling, salvage, or disposal in compliance with environmental regulations.

Demolition Liverpool – Sectors We Cover

Demolition services are suitable for various sectors and industries, including:

• Commercial
• Residential
• Industrial
• Healthcare
• Retail
• Offices
• Educational

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