Strip Out Contractor Birmingham

If you’re seeking a strip out contractor in Birmingham look no further than Stredder Construction.

For 15+ years, we have worked with clients across multiple sectors, including industrial, commercial and hospitality, to create a blank canvas for the next business move.

Stredder Construction have a great reputation for completing projects on time and within budget and we’ve got the 5-star reviews to back it up on Google and on our website!

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Whether it’s an office space, public building, retail unit, warehouse facility or alternative business space in Birmingham and you require a strip out or demolition, we’ve got you covered.

strip outs birmingham
strip outs birmingham

Strip Out Contractors Birmingham

As a business, we provide three predominant strip out services that can transform your premises.

Here’s a list of some of them:

Soft Strip Outs 

Soft strips involve the precise and systematic removal of non-structural elements within a building. Upon completion of a comprehensive strip out service, you’ll have a completely blank canvas that will be ready for any reconfigurations or new construction work.

If you want to change the walls, ceiling heights or something of that ilk, then a soft strip out probably won’t be the best way forward. But, if you want to change the colours of the walls, the flooring, the furniture or any other cosmetic work then this is the one for you.      

Plant Room Strip Outs 

For the removal or changing of any plant equipment like control systems, machinery, conveyor systems and more, then a plant room strip out may be necessary. We will understand whether this is right for you by asking a few questions at the enquiry stage so don’t worry if you aren’t sure what you need yet. 

Mechanical & Electrical Strip Outs

Mechanical and electrical, otherwise referred to as ‘M&E’ can also have a strip out process of its own. This essentially involves rearranging these elements of a building or upgrading systems to cater more towards the needs. We can provide more details on this during the initial consultation.

Sectors We Cover

As we’ve been around a long time, we’ve been able to work on projects in almost any sector meaning our portfolio is extremely strong. Moreover, we have a particular strength in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. Come and speak to Stredder Construction today for a high quality and reputable service.

Sectors we cover include:

The Strip Out Process

Assessment and Planning: Planning and preparation goes into all strip outs in Birmingham. We have a dedicated team who do just this to enable our operatives to go in and undertake the work itself. Once appointed, we will take you through every element in detail and also ensure constant communication.

Strip Out Execution: Once the plans are confirmed and finalised, we can get a date booked in to commence the actual strip out on site. Depending on what we’ve agreed, there may be some disruption. 

Waste Management: When all the work is done, we will responsibly and ethically deal with all our waste. This is an important part of our ethos and we’re proud to do it this way.

Post-Strip Out Assessment: As part of our after-care process, we will assess the building from a safety and quality standpoint to ensure it is how you want it as the client and that we’re happy with the standard we’re presenting. 

Why Choose Stredder Construction?

Customer Satisfaction: We have a fantastic track record for producing quality work and pleasing our customers. You only have to go on our Google and browse our website to view our dozens of 5-star reviews from happy clients.

Safety and Compliance: We prioritise being up-to-date on all health and safety regulations as well as compliance in this area so you can guarantee that when you work with us, safety is paramount.

Quality Workmanship: Thanks to the expertise and experience we have within the team in Birmingham, you are in the best hands. We are judged on the quality of our workmanship so we will never complete a job without your approval as the client. 

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