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If you’re seeking highly-experienced and local strip out contractors in Chester, call our expert team at Stredder Construction. Thanks to our hard work and dedication to customer satisfaction, we have a fantastic reputation in the area and a track record of successful projects across multiple industries.

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strip out contractor chester
strip outs chester

Strip Out Contractors Chester

Stredder Construction can perform a series of strip out services for your building in Chester.

Here are a couple of different types of strip outs:

Soft Strip Outs 

Soft strip outs are when alterations and changes are made to a building that don’t involve rearranging structural elements. Soft strip outs are popular because they are usually done quicker and you can achieve desired results without making much mess or causing much disruption to usual proceedings. However if you want to change walls, ceiling heights or similar, then you may need to opt for demolition services which we can also provide for our clients.

Plant Room Strip Outs 

For the removal of any plant equipment or systems, then as the name suggests, a plant room strip out could be best for you. We will safely remove heavy plant machinery and control systems and machinery maximising safety at all times. Plant room strip outs can be complex and involves heavy handling. Fortunately, we have the extensive experience and equipment to ensure a smooth process.

Mechanical & Electrical Strip Outs

Mechanical and electrical, or ‘M&E’ strip outs are where all services relating to pipes and wires in a building are safely and permanently removed. Whether you’re seeking to upgrade existing systems or reconfigure spaces, M&E strip outs can be necessary for your next stage. Speak to our team today and we’ll show you some examples of this work in Chester. 

Sectors We Cover

Stredder Construction cover a number of sectors for strip out services so whatever your building is and whatever the industry, we will be able to help you. Please see a list below of some of the types of buildings and sectors we’ve covered in recent years:

The Strip Out Process

Assessment and Planning: You can’t just launch into undertaking the work in a strip out, it must be meticulously planned out properly first. We will do all the groundwork needed to ensure a successful job and we will work with you to communicate plans at all times.

Strip Out Execution: In this part, all the action on site takes place. Drilling, sanding, constructing, removing flooring, decorating, furnishing and more happens at the stage. All work will be done in accordance to the plans and drawings presented to you during the assessment and planning stage.

Waste Management: During and after the work is complete, we make sure we deal with all our waste properly. Dealing with waste management in an environmentally friendly way is something we prioritse for our clients and for the planet.

Post-Strip Out Assessment: A full assessment will be conducted following the strip out work to evaluate the final results. This ensures the level of quality is high and any defects are dealt with.

Why Choose Stredder Construction?

Customer Satisfaction: We have very high standards in terms of quality of work and customer service so won’t complete our work until you’re happy with what’s been produced.

Safety and Compliance:
Stredder are on top of all the latest safety regulations meaning you’re in safe hands on site and you will always be compliant.

Quality Workmanship: Our team is full of experience, expertise and knowledge meaning our workmanship is of the highest degree. We have all the accreditations and qualifications as well as years of working on multiple site types.

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Our direct line for projects in Chester is 0774 232 2295 but you can also use the contact form on our website. We will get to you as soon as we physically can – we look forward to dealing with your enquiry.

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