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Industrial strip outs cover factories, warehouses, storage facilities, and other industrial buildings.

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Industrial Strip Outs

Stredder Construction works with a variety of industrial businesses to undertake strip outs of different complexities. Whether it’s a warehouse, manufacturing facility or factory in the industrial sector, we plan, design and proceed with strip out services in line with your key objectives and requirements.

Industrial strip outs involve meticulously dismantling the interior elements while preserving the integrity of the building’s structure. The goal of an industrial strip out is to clear the facility of all non-essential components while ensuring that the process is conducted safely and in accordance with environmental and regulatory standards. Specific items and structures removed may include:

  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Security systems
  • Partitioning
  • Flooring coverings
  • Electrical systems
  • Shelving units

The Industrial Strip Out Process

Assessment and Planning: Before any work is undertaken, a comprehensive assessment of the building is conducted to identify the scope of the strip out and any potential hazards. A detailed plan is then put in place to ensure the process is carried out efficiently and safely.

Isolation of Utilities: Utilities such as electricity, water, and gas are safely disconnected or isolated to prevent accidents during the strip out process. You’d have a major disaster on your hands if this step wasn’t done properly. We will advise on what’s needed and do what we can whilst working with you.

Removal of Fixtures and Fittings: Items like furniture, machinery, appliances, and other fixtures are removed from the building. This may involve removing bits with specialist equipment, disassembling and dismantling things and more.

Demolition of Structures: You may also require demolition of walls, flooring, partitions and more. This is sometimes needed to facilitate the renovations or new layout of a building. Demolition work is carried out using appropriate equipment and techniques to ensure safety and minimise damage.

Waste Management: As materials are removed, they need a place to go in order to be recycled or disposed of correctly and in the most eco-friendly way. We often work with specialist companies in this way to ensure we are being responsible and complying with the environmental legislations.

When Are Industrial Strip Outs Required?

There are a couple of circumstances where an industrial strip out may be necessary:

Renovation or Refurbishment: If you’d like to upgrade or revitalise your industrial space then a strip out in this way could be beneficial. Starting fresh and making the building exactly how you want it could enhance productivity, integrate modern technology and more.

Preparing For Sale or Lease: If you’re looking to sell your building or lease it out at some point then a strip out could create better functionality for future buyers that may wish to transform the space for their own use, sectors, and business purposes.

Change of Use: If you are looking to change your warehouse to include an office space or a reconfiguration then a strip out would be necessary too. It will help to ensure the space is suitable for its intended purpose. 

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How long does an industrial strip out take?

The duration of time that it can take for an industrial strip out depends on the size of the layout and whether demolition is also required. Other factors that can also affect the duration can also include the scope of work at hand, the complexity of the facility, and regulatory requirements. After the assessment and planning stage, it’s likely that we’ll be able to give you an estimated timeframe and our project managers will keep you updated throughout the process.

Can the facility remain operational during a strip out?

Great question. In some cases, parts of your industrial warehouse or unit may be able to remain open. However, this depends on the complexity and extent of the work, as well as safety considerations. Wherever it’s possible to keep open parts of your facility, we coordinate with you to reduce business downtime or disruption to a minimum.

What is the difference between an industrial strip out and demolition?

Essentially, strip out services refer to the action of removing internal elements such as electrical systems and machinery or heavy plant equipment. On the other hand, demolition services focus on the demolition / tearing down of the entire building. You’ll be pleased to know that Stredder Construction can provide both industrial strip out and demolition services.

What safety measures are in place during an industrial strip out?

Stredder Construction takes safety during strip out services seriously and they are at the forefront of our priorities. Rest assured that we adhere to the latest HSE safety protocols with the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Moreover, we ensure careful handling and dispose of any hazardous material in compliance with environmental and safety regulations.

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