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Specialising in Full Mechanical and Electrical System Removals.

Here at Stredder Construction, we are proud to be your local and trusted 5-star-rated contractor for mechanical and electrical strip outs. We mainly cover Liverpool, Merseyside, and can operate on projects throughout the entirety of the North West.

Our specialised team is dedicated to the meticulous removal of mechanical and electrical systems within a space, providing you with a clean slate for the next phase of your project.

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M&E Strip Out Services

Soft strip outs
Repairs in the building. Building with a metal staircase at the time of renovation. Construction site in the house without people. Construction of a new house. Construction and architecture.

When it comes to M&E strip outs, look no further than Stredder Construction. Our highly-experienced skills can tackle M&E projects of all types and sizes. Whether you’re seeking to completely reconfigure an existing space or you’re looking to update the mechanical system, we listen attentively to your bespoke requirements and provide exemplary service.

Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) strip outs involve the systematic removal of mechanical and electrical systems within a space. Typically, M&E strip outs in Liverpool and the surrounding areas include the removal of the following;-

  • HVAC systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • Electrical wiring
  • Lighting systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Security systems
  • Customised solutions

Why Choose Stredder Construction for M&E Strip Outs?

Expert Team

Stredder Construction consists of a team of experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of mechanical and electrical systems. We understand that each M&E strip out is unique which is why we ensure a bespoke approach.

Safety as a Priority

As you would expect for any type of strip out, and particularly for M&E, safety is at the forefront of our priorities. You can be sure that Stredder Construction strictly adheres to safety protocols and ensures that everyone’s safety is protected at all times throughout the process.

Compliance with Regulations

Our services comply with local regulations and industry standards. We stay up-to-date on changes in codes and regulations, providing you with peace of mind that your project complies with all the latest requirements.

Efficient Project Timelines

We recognise the importance of timelines in construction and renovation projects. Our team is dedicated to delivering efficient strip-out services within agreed-upon timelines, allowing your project to progress smoothly.

Our Process

Consultation and Assessment: Stredder Construction begins the process of your M&E strip out by providing a comprehensive consultation and assessment to understand the scope and unique nature of your project.

Tailored Proposal: After we have conducted your bespoke assessment, we will then proceed to provide a tailored proposal to outline the scope of work, cost estimates, and timelines.

Safety Planning: Our experienced project managers develop a safety plan, identifying potential risks and implementing measures to mitigate them.

Mechanical and Electrical Strip Out: Our skilled team executes the strip-out process, removing mechanical and electrical systems with precision and efficiency.

Contact Us

Here at Stredder Construction, we can assist you with comprehensive mechanical and electrical strip outs. You can get in touch with us today by calling us directly at 07742 322295. Alternatively, if you prefer to email, use our online contact form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

We provide M&E strip outs in LiverpoolBirminghamChesterManchester, and Warrington.


Why is M&E strip out necessary?

There are many reasons and instances where mechanical and electrical strip outs are necessary. Whether you’re seeking to upgrade existing systems or reconfigure spaces, M&E strip outs can be necessary for your next stage.

How long does an M&E strip out take?

The length of time that an M&E strip out can take will largely depend on the complexity and scope of the project. After we have conducted the initial assessment, we are likely to have the information to give you an estimated timeframe.

Can M&E strip out disrupt adjacent spaces?

You’ll be pleased to know that mechanical and electrical strip outs can be carried out with minimal disruption. Stredder Construction uses specialised techniques to control and contain the strip-out process.

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