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Efficient And Comprehensive Office Strip Outs

If you’re seeking an office strip out in Liverpool, Wirral or throughout the North West, look no further than Stredder Construction. Since 2007, we are proud to have been the go-to office strip out company using advanced tools and machinery to undertake strip-out and internal demolition works.

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Whether you’re a landlord seeking to strip back your current office space ready for resale or you’re looking for redevelopment to cater to your growing business, we offer tailored services to help you achieve your next move.

Soft Strip Outs For Offices

Stredder Construction are well-positioned to be able to provide soft strip outs for offices of all types and sizes.

Soft strip outs is the meticulous and methodical process of removing non-structural components from a building or an office. After undergoing a thorough strip out service, you’ll be left with a clean slate, primed for reconfigurations or new construction endeavours.

A typical soft strip out involves the careful removal of one or more of the following;-

  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Ceilings
  • Security systems
  • Built-in furniture
  • Flooring coverings
  • HVAC components
  • Customised solutions

The Office Strip Out Process

Assessment and Planning: The first step involves a comprehensive assessment of the existing space and identifying the scope of work required. This includes determining which elements need to be removed, assessing any potential hazards, and planning the logistics of the strip out process.

Strip Out Execution: Once the planning phase is complete, the strip out process begins. Our professional and dedicated team proceeds to carefully dismantle and remove non-structural elements, ensuring minimal disruption to surrounding areas and adhering to safety protocols throughout.

Waste Management: Proper disposal of waste materials is an essential aspect of the strip out process. Responsible disposal methods are employed to minimise environmental impact and comply with regulations governing waste management.

Post-Strip Out Assessment: After the strip out is complete, a final assessment is conducted to ensure that the space is ready for the next phase of development. Any necessary remediation or preparations for refurbishment are addressed before proceeding further.

Why Choose Stredder Construction For Office Strip Outs?

Expertise and experience: Stredder Construction have been providing comprehensive office strip outs since establishing in 2007. Our dedicated team therefore brings over 15 years worth of experience, ensuring efficient and high-quality results.

Comprehensive services:  From the initial assessment and planning to execution and post-strip out support, we handle every aspect of the project with precision and professionalism.

Quality workmanship: Our skilled professionals are committed to delivering excellent workmanship on every project. We use advanced techniques and equipment to ensure the safe removal of non-structural elements, adhering to strict quality standards.

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How long does an office strip out typically take?

The duration of your office strip out in Liverpool or the surrounding areas can depend on a number of factors. For example, it can largely depend on the size and complexity of the project at hand for our team. Moreover, it also depends on the extent of the stripping required. As a general rule of thumb, office strip outs can take anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks.

What elements are typically removed during an office strip out?

During an office strip out, various non-structural elements and fixtures are typically removed to create a blank canvas for refurbishment or reconfiguration. As mentioned above, the typical types of elements that are typically removed may include flooring coverings, partition walls, decorative features, built-in appliances, and much more.

Do I need to vacate the premises during the strip out process?

It’s highly likely that you and your team will be required to vacate your premises during the strip out process. We recommend arranging the strip out with Stredder Construction at the time of year that is most suitable for you and business activities. For example, this may be when you’re the least busiest or when you forecast a downturn.

How much does an office strip out typically cost?

The cost of your office strip out in Liverpool or the surrounding areas will be largely dependent on various factors, including the size of the office space and the complexity of the project. We can give you a much better idea of cost once you get in touch with us and arrange for an initial assessment. Here, we can conduct an assessment of the existing space and identify the scope of work required. 

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