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Comprehensive Interior Demolition Services Transforming Spaces With Precision.

Stredder Construction provide comprehensive interior demolition services in Liverpool, throughout Merseyside and the North West.

Stredder Construction provides comprehensive interior demolition in Liverpool with a clear objective to help transform spaces with precision and efficiency. Whether you’re seeking to prepare a space for renovation, refurbishment, or reconfiguration, we can provide the dedicated service you’re looking for.

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Interior demolition is suitable for various sectors and industries, including:

• Commercial
• Residential
• Industrial
• Healthcare
• Retail
• Offices
• Educational

Interior Demolition Services

Interior demolition is the process of selectively removing interior components of a building to prepare it for renovation or repurposing. Unlike traditional demolition, which involves tearing down entire structures, interior demolition focuses on areas within a building, such as rooms, floors, or sections.

Stredder Construction provides comprehensive interior demolition which includes:

Selective Demolition

Stredder Construction provides selective interior demolition services for several sectors, including industrial and commercial premises, that aim to safely remove interior elements that no longer serve their purpose or need to be eradicated for a change of use to the building or premises. Selective demolition involves permanently removing:

• Partitioning
• Ceilings
• Flooring
• Walls

Fixtures and Fitting Removal

As part of our comprehensive interior demolition service, we also remove all fixtures and fittings within your premises. Throughout the process, our team ensures that all fixtures are safely and efficiently removed by the latest industry standards and regulations. Types of fixtures and fittings we remove include:

• Cabinets
• Shelving
• Plumbing Fixtures
• Electrical Components

Flooring and Ceiling Treatment

Stredder Construction also provides flooring and ceiling treatment to prepare your space for new finishes or structural modifications. We are highly experienced in dismantling and removing all types of flooring and ceilings in line with bespoke requirements. Types of flooring and ceilings we remove include:

• Suspended ceilings
• Decorative panels
• Carpets and tiles
• Hardwood flooring

Wall Demolition and Partition Removal

Internal walls and partitioning often make up the bulk of commercial premises, particularly offices, and Stredder Construction can safely demolish all interior walls and partitions to meet your specific requirements. This may be required if you’re seeking to re-create open-concept layouts or configure existing spaces. Get in touch with us today to learn more or discuss your requirements.

When Is Interior Demolition Required?

There are several instances where interior demolition may be required for your premises, establishment, or unit.

Here are a few examples of when Stredder Construction is requested to provide demolition:

Renovation or Remodelling: If you’re seeking to undertake renovation or remodelling within your building, you may likely require interior demolition to ensure you have a blank canvas to introduce new designs and layouts. Interior demolition is often required to remove the following for renovation purposes: ceilings, floors, and partitioning.

Structural Integrity: Especially in older buildings, structural integrity can become a significant problem. For example, interior components may deteriorate or become damaged. In this instance, interior demolition is probably required to remove unsafe and/or damaged elements. This is paramount to ensure the long-term stability and safety of your building.

Expansion: Stredder Construction is frequently asked to undertake interior demolition to cater to fluctuating business needs. In most cases, this is for expansion, but can also be for consolidation or reduction. In this case, demolition may involve removing interior walls or other barriers to create larger or more flexible areas.

Adaptation to New Use: Whether you’re looking to convert a current office space into a warehouse space or a retail store into a restaurant, interior demolition may be needed to modify the layout and features to suit the new requirements.

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What types of interior elements are typically removed during demolition?

There isn’t much that Stredder Construction can’t remove during a comprehensive interior demolition project. The elements that we remove will depend on the type of premises and sector. However, we frequently remove the following interior elements: walls and partitions, ceilings, flooring materials, fixtures and fittings, electrical systems, structural elements, and much more.

How long does interior demolition take?

The duration of an interior demolition depends on many various factors. For example, the complexity of the project, the size of your space, scope of the work, and accessibility. Our team will provide an initial assessment and survey upfront, and once we have a better understanding of exactly what your project will entail, we’ll be able to provide you with an estimated timeframe / schedule.

What happens to the materials removed during demolition?

Stredder Construction are fully responsible for the materials removed during demolition. In line with local regulations and environmental standards, we dispose of all materials accordingly.

How does interior demolition differ from exterior demolition?

Interior demolition, as the name suggests, focuses on removing interior elements of a building, such as walls, ceilings, floors, fixtures, and fittings, while preserving the building’s structural integrity. The goal of interior demolition is to prepare for renovation, expansion, or adaptation for new use. On the other hand, exterior demolition involves tearing down or removing exterior elements of a building, such as walls, roofs, windows, doors, facades, and structural components. 

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