Strip Out Contractor Warrington

Stredder Construction are proud to be your 5-star-rated strip out contractors in Warrington.

We have successfully completed dozens of successful projects within your area across strip out and demolition services for a number of sectors and types of buildings.

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Whether you’re seeking a comprehensive strip out contractor in Warrington for an office block, public building, retail unit, warehouse facility, we are well-equipped to fulfil your key objectives.

Strip Out Contractor Warrington
Strip Out Contractor Warrington

Strip Out Contractors Warrington

Stredder Construction undertake a series of strip out services in Warrington to cater to your unique building and requirements including soft strip out services and M&E strip outs.

We provide the following types of strip out services:

Soft Strip Outs

Soft strip outs involve eradicating elements of construction that don’t include structural elements of a building. If you want to strip out internal furniture, flooring or HVAC components, for example, a soft strip out would be viable. Stredder provides customised solutions for soft strip outs and we make the preservation of structural integrity a priority throughout the entire process.

Plant Room Strip Outs

If you require the removal or changing of plant systems or equipment such as machinery, control systems or conveyor systems then a plant room strip out is exactly what you need. Stredder Construction predominantly provides this service for the industrial sector. Typical elements and infrastructure that are usually removed within a plant strip out include; generators, ducting, pipework, control panels.

Mechanical & Electrical Strip Outs

Mechanical and electrical (M&E) strip outs involve stripping out the M&E services within your premises or building. Typically, M&E removals include removing the following: HVAC systems, lighting systems, fire alarm systems, plumbing systems, and more. Stredder Construction begins the process of your M&E strip out by providing a comprehensive consultation and assessment.

Sectors We Cover

As your expert 5-star contractor in Warrington, we provide strip out services for wide range of sectors including commercial, offices, retail, and more.

All sectors we cover include:

The Strip Out Process

Assessment and Planning: Rigorous planning must be put in place to ensure the strip out process fulfils your objectives. Laying down the groundwork will allow for an organised and efficient approach. If you choose to work with us, a dedicated project manager will take you through the entire process.

Strip Out Execution: Once the plans are in place and everything has been agreed, the work can commence. A comprehensive and sensible process will be drawn out and communicated to you as the client. Demolition services may also be required depending on your bespoke requirements.

Waste Management: During the work and following the completion, all waste will be disposed of ethically and responsibly in line with the latest environmental regulations. As a business we believe in doing this well because sustainable construction is something we aspire to maintain.

Post-Strip Out Assessment: A thorough assessment will be completed following the strip out to evaluate the final results. This ensures the desired quality is achieved and any defects are dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

Why Choose Stredder Construction?

Customer Satisfaction: We work hard to keep our 5-star rating on Google from projects in Warrington. Achieving this is testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Safety and Compliance: Safety and compliance are important parts of our work. We make sure you adhere to all the latest laws, regulations and practices at all times. Work of our nature has many risks and hazards so keeping on top of it is crucial.

Quality Workmanship: Our team is full of experience and knowledge meaning our workmanship is of the highest calibre. We have all the accreditations and qualifications as well as years of working on multiple project types.

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